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Brand: CAMEL
The compass is made with non-rusting strong materialThis specially designed self centering compass allows ease and accuracy while drawing circles and anglesLast long and remain in shape and shineRs 20 Per Pc Rs 200 for 10 Pcs..
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Brand: CAMEL
Features:-Specially designed self centering compass, for ease and accuracy while drawing circles & angles.Both divider and compass are made with non-rusting strong material to last long and remain in shape and shine.The plastic used in ruler, protractor and set square are made of high transparen..
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Smooth multi-use board with bevelled edges, for all levels of education from technical drawing to sketching to field work. Manufactured from top quality MDF board which is warp resistant and gives a beautiful smooth, flat working surface. Available in 6mm or 12mm thickness...
Ex Tax:₹350.00
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